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WISE, Washington International Student Experience, is just that, giving international students a once in a lifetime experience while they study in Washington state. There are two main aspects that our team focuses on.

The first area works with students looking for long term experiences. We offer study options for middle school and high school students that immerses them in American culture and lifestyle. Students come for any where from one semester to four years. They have the option to stay in a dormitory or with a host family. Either experience has many chances to learn, grow and expand their English. Students will immerse themselves in American life. Whether they are in ELA or ESL, English Language Assistance or English as a Second Language, they will have several classes with American students. They will receive full credits and if they stay, graduate with an American diploma. Students will be assigned a guardian to monitor their grades, assist when needed and oversee their needs. We strive to provide top quality care for every student that comes to our area.

The second area works with our Sister School program. Our Sister School program has local middle school and high schools that we have found sister school programs with. The programs offers opportunities for both schools. Schools from China and Korea send 15-25 students for a 2-3 week period. Here they can experience a small window into American culture through study at school, tourism and staying with a host family. In turn, students from the American schools visit their sister school in China and Korea. Each time the bond grows stronger. Each year students are excited to look forward to seeing friends from across the globe. It is a way to bring culture to the schools and help students in both countries to expand their horizons.

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