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Summer Sister School Programs

WISE has done over 30 short term trips for our sister schools in China and South Korea. In the summer, students are able to come for 2 weeks to study American culture, meet friends at summer camp, and tour the Seattle area. They experience the great weather, good food and numerous experiences that show them what it's like here.

In the winter, students from sister schools in Korea come to join their sister school in the greater Seattle area. They enjoy classroom life with American students, make friends and learn about the culture, government and history of the US. WISE also takes them on field trips to a variety of places in the greater Seattle area along with a trip to Los Angeles to enjoy Universal Studios and Disneyland.

It is a cultural experience that kids from both sister schools enjoy and grow from. The students in America enjoy making new friends and learning about another culture.

WISE looks forward to more trips like this in the future as COVID-19 dissipates.

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